Land Of Adon Book Series

Pastor Dan has begun a series of books written for children and adults. Scenes from the Bible come alive in an alternate world discovered by four children. The endearing characters in these books learn lessons about faith and relationship in the God of that world, revealing biblical truth for believers in our own world.

Books 1 and 2 are available online in both paperback and ebook. Book 3 is in the editing stage and will be available soon.

Introducing the Land of Adon series:

What if? What if all that we can see taste and touch is not the totality of reality and there is more to existence? What if there are worlds beyond our own? What if there are ways to pass between worlds not made by men but by the Creator of all that there is? What if there is a world where its maker walks among men and in their dreams.

This is the premise for the Land of Adon series. A world beyond our own where its Maker reveals himself to those who are open to seeing him. It is a world where lessons of faith and trust become necessities for survival. Follow as the adventures continue.

Book 1: Grace And The Land Beyond The Cave. Available online

Four children. A blizzard. A mysterious cave. A strange new land. Such are the elements of Grace And The Land Beyond the Cave. Four siblings are thrust into a strange new world where they face a giant and his rampaging army while learning how to relate to one another. This is a story about faith, trust, and triumph, as the children face insurmountable challenges.

Book 2: Josiah’s Choice.

Josiah and Abby return to the Land of Adon. The Giant is gone, but their beloved mentor is missing. A new threat has arisen. A false priestess is attempting to gain control over the minds of citizens of the Land. But all is not lost as Josiah and Abby learn to trust in the One they cannot see.